When pandemic started in 11th March 2020, ordered by WWO, human rights were violated in a never seen way since the second world war. Without taking into account the economic effect in many countries, the most important ones are psychological and emotional because their aftermaths are unforeseen, may take a long time and have a social and individual impact.

It is difficult to imagine geopolitical strategy in many countries at one could be implemented such a plan as when its traits are analysed about ideology and backgrounds. So, it is believable the use of lies and fake data. To do so media are peremptory because governments can spread out these messages by themselves and moreover security forces are needed to force the rules for people to undergo.

Because of the urgency, after more than one year of pandemic which it has not only stopped but continued in by exterminating people with vaccines, psychologists for the truth can stand aside and must react by doing a report about for most efficient juries to halt this Orwellian nonsense.

The used way, a mixture with classic and operant conditioning, cognitive dissonance, massive confusion, emotional manipulation through limbic system, television and social environment to expand the illogic message, doesn´t fit with and experiment with animals, as those we studied in University. We are facing a complex plan that has not been studied by any psychologist college obeying sanitary authorities. The consistence of the system is so intermingled that derives in unconscious manipulation in such an effective way that life style has been never changed in history, getting the goal in a year. It is the triumph of dark psychology which plays to be god and gets into human minds to make them tamed, according to old Tavistock Institute and its experiments since the second world war.

And to get so the most dangerous strategy of sects are used, correcting old mistakes not to give any way out to kill 15% of population.




Since Schein et al (1961) studied coercive persuasion in basis on prisoned soldiers in North Corea, they could describe it in three steps: defrosting, consisting on disrupting personality, frosting with operant conditioning to get the correct knowledge by prizes and punishments and the use of psychological force, with great authority in a psychosocial program.

Hassan (1997) considers four resources, which will be proved along this report:

  1. Environment control that includes social isolation, information control, emotional dependence and psychophysical weakness.
  2. Emotional control with good and bad ones.
  3. Cognitive control with denigrating critical thought, lies, asking for condescendence, attention control, language manipulation and changes of rules and authorities.
  4. Dissociation with hypnosis, changes of the past, sensory deprivation, sensory overload, repeated tasks and use of drogues.

The goal of this report is to prove that governments have followed these steps, used media and others agents to accomplish the sanitary decisions according to covid 19.

Cuevas (2016) (27) in his thesis “Coercive persuasion evaluation in groups”, Málaga University, describes with great details each stage and their used methods.  The author includes two definitions of sects:

Group that employs coercive persuasion technics to destroy the previous personality. Or to damage it severely in its catchment and indoctrination, causes the severe o total destruction of affective ties from subjected to social environment and himself, infringes laws about inalienable rights from democracy”. Rodriguez (1997) p 45, Cuevas (2016) p 52-

Authoritarian group, with association religious or cultural group appearance, that demands absolute devotion from its members to someone or some ideas, by using manipulation, persuasion and control to get the objectives of the leader, making devotes completely dependent to the detriment of their social and familiar context”. Rodriguez (1994), a extract from Wingspread Congress official declaration, taking place in Wisconsin in 1985. Cuevas (2016), p 52

Then we Will go through the different traits.




Cartwright and Zandlet (1968) state that isolation is without any agreement because this fact is essential for the coming up mass manipulation in a constant way, thus subjected person is not conscious at what is happening. To do so, destroying previous order is necessary.

Before having the proves, we will see what different authors explain about. Rodriguez-Caballeira (1984) stresses the importance of breaking down social relations, with an implosion process even. Once subjected has been isolated, he only pays attention to collective tasks for them to be obligatory in everyday happening.

Such resources as surrounding manipulation, data changes, catastrophic foresights, blame induction and hobby changes are not so strange.



463/2020 14th march Spanish RD stated alarm state. Its first paragraph says that” Wealth International Organization declared emergence situation for Covid 19 pandemic. The speed of facts in national and international scale requires immediate decisions to face this problem. The extraordinary circumstances stand for a no precedent sanitary crisis for the high number of affected and the risk at their rights”. The surprising alarm from the message stands up, according to which WIO state a serious damage and danger coming that perish our rights. In fact, many of them have been violated. To make clear the urgence of this rule, the high number of affected and the swiftness of the events, the Spanish government decide on basis of 116.2 Spanish constitution article and 55 one about not implying suspension of fundamental right.


7th article makes clear the likelihood of leaving home:

  1. To get food, pharma products and for urgency.
  2. To go to sanitary centres.
  3. To go back home
  4. To assist elderly, dependent or vulnerable persons.
  5. To go to bank or insurance companies.
  6. For other reason of overwhelming force.
  7. Just one person can do it, except if accompanied is handicapped.

It is very clear the short time effect of these decision: subjected is forced to be isolated and not to continue in touch with other people who are not relative that live at home, no to enjoy any activity that could release from anxiety or stress.


Moreover, 9th art. Says “any educational activity is stopped in any stage (..) as those of private centres”, being all lesions on line and without any permission to be with schoolmates. The impact on childhood is obvious as they need to relate with others ones. Mall will avoid crowd and employee and consumers will be regarded to have a social distance of one meter al least, what means that hugs or kisses are forbidden. Since when the Spanish government has the authority to decide when their citizen can freely express their feelings or is this a violation of 55th art of Spanish Constitution? The same happens in churches or burials, subjected to the same distance with a maximum number of people so it is not possible to say goodbye to your death relative or friend.



What follows is not a surprise; health ministry take force in any trait (12th art) and “state security forces, national police forces, even from regions and townhalls will obey the orders from ministry of interior, in basis of this law when necessary. to protect people, good and places, with other tasks if necessary (art 5). It is not odd to conclude that all these instructions lead to a police state as this RD lasts for 15 days and government can change them whenever they want to harder rules. This is proved when it clearly says police and make inspections in people, good, primacies and establishments to check or prevent any service or activity that has been forbidden by this rule, except allowed ones



There are other interesting articles:

  • Art 19: private and public media are forced to insert the messages, adds and communications that authorities consider necessary.
  • Art 20: disobeying or resisting these orders from security forces will be fined according to art 10 LO 4/81


So social isolation is going to be fulfilled with constant hammer data about covid 19 and who don´t follow these rules will be punished by security state forces, a perfect context for citizens to be separated from each to other against their will, according to BOE.


On the 25th October of 2020, 926/2020 RD says that “the important increase on the cumulative incidence in 14 days, up to 349 cases per 100.00’0 inhabitants, much higher than 60 cases, on 22nd October, that is the  border line to high risk, according to European Centre for disease prevention and control” is the law excuse to stress on PCR diagnostic tests to follow with  repressive decisions, adding up risks of death and hospitalization. “Without any vaccine to covid 19, we must take no pharmacologic actions, purposed by international organizations, with a focus on the reduction of contagion rate in the population and so virus transmission”. That vaccine came up a few months later without the most logical and scientific stages.   It is also said it is convenient the limitation of people number in public and private places with no cohabiting persons as social and health way of total strategy of WWO to contribute to stop the chain transmission among people to control new sprouts. These purposes are also in other international agencies of public health as ECDC. Following them reduction of not cohabiting persons, the relationships in structured social burbles in permanent cohabiting groups, avoiding any unnecessary movement, are considered appropriated. This is to say, after months of isolation from march to june, citizens are ordered to go back to their jail-psycho state in October. But the goal of this RD is “to protect their health and security”, making the State to take protective actions to the people without any possibility for them to decide whether they are good o or not, so the State has got all the power even on very subjective personal areas.  When referring to art 11 of LO 4/81, that allows that alarm state declaration make possible movement or staying in a place limitation rights in accurate times or according to some requirements, we have the declared curfews from the different regions of Spain. In fact, such the number of people as the entrance and ways out from territories will be in force when the authority decides it.


In fact, a curfew is stated from eleven pm to six am in Spain, with the different variation from regions, according to 5th art. Moreover 6th art says “it is forbidden to move from a region to another except for justified reasons and 7th explains that “the staying of people groups in public and private spaces is conditioned not to get over a maximum of six persons, except for cohabitants, accomplishing the law. The staying in private spaces is conditioned to not being more than six”, without discarding a five people border line.



It obvious how psycho-jail state is established, there is a limit of people who could shaire a space in order to prevent from rebellion, demonstration or protests against State actions that are clear from a dictatorship whose rules could only by carried out by a frightened population, as we will see after.



On the 7th mayo 2021, Madrid department decided that “entrances and ways out are prevented (…) except for some reasons (…)” in different zones of Madrid up to 17th may. There are many disposals as that one after the end of alarm sate on the 9th May in Spain.


As for the effect of lockdown, some studies stand up about the result in general population. Santana et al (2021) made a report, suicide risks in Mexican student during covid isolation, published by Psychology Mexican autonomous university. It focuses on general traits such as anxiety, loneliness subjective feelings, sadness, worries, stress, insomnia, unemployment and changes in social relations, with a population sample of 1186 students of Guadalajara South University. The results according to level of frequency were frustration, anxiety, bore, lockdown, lack of organization, sadness, fright, rage and loneliness.  Smoking addiction increased from 3.6% to 32.6%. According to this report suicide is the second death cause from 15- to 19-year-old population and it is logical to believe that it rates has come up since covid pandemic, in spite of there are not official data. This conclusion has to be with De Bedout (2008) when saying that according to WWO the people that suicide is more than those that die because of wars.


Hernández et al (2020) experimented with 110 subjects, 25 teachers and 85 students of Santander University to assess the occupational diffusion on motivation and emotional traits. The most important symptoms were self-criticism (68 and 58.8%), cry (44 and 43.5%), lack of interest (30 and 65.9%), indecision (20 and 44.7%), lack of energy (48 and 68.2%), irritability (36 and 57.6%), changes of appetite (76 and 71.8%) and tiredness (76 and 64.7%),, taking into account that the first data refers to teachers and the second one to students.


. Sandia, Valiente et al (2020) in their article Psychological from covid 19 pandemic: negative and positive results in Spanish population during national lockdown, refers to interesting international studies as Gao et al (2020), done in 31 Chinese regions with a result of a 22.6% of population with generalized anxiety, 48.3% with insomnia. They used a population sample of 1161 subjects between 19 and 84 years old, most of them UNED (Distance National Spanish University). The ten main friights were::

  1. The death of a relative
  2. . The contagion of a relavie
  3. . The spread out of covid,
  4. . Not to see a relative or close friend.
  5. .That the subject spreads covid on other relative.
  6. . To lose job.
  7. Incomes to become reduced
  8. . The subject is isolated in the group.
  9. . Watching covid news on tv.


The sample between 19 and 30 years old is that highest frights shew (up to 56.9% on relative death for covid 19). depression affected 37%, stress with the same rate, pessimism and worry 34% and insomnia 31%.

Prado (2020) in his article “Psychological effects of quarantine for Universitad de les Illes Ballears” give out interesting data about posttraumatic stress. In one of his bibliographic sources, Sprang and Silman (2013), a 586-population sample study, that were applied PLC, say that parents that had been isolated in 2009 gave a record between 20 and 25 point in 25% of cases, and 28% were over 30.

Hymusk (2016) studied MERS or similar illness to sars-cov in 2012. The subjects, after being applied two questionnaires, STAXI or State Trait Anger Expressions and GAD 7 or Generalized Anxiety Disorder Scale, discovered an anxiety rate of 47.2% and a rage one of 52.8% during lockdown. after four- or six-months anxiety rates became normal (19.49%), but rage kept in 37.6%. In his study used 552 subjects; before pandemic 41.72% had one negative symptom, 34.77 % from two to three, 13.72% from four to five and 9.77% more than five. During quarantine 5.74% had only one, 19.35% from two to three, 20.11% from four to five and 54.7% more than five.


The signs of emotional distress were according to their rate as follow: anxiety, ups and downs, insomnia, bore and stress. Let us this data speak out about how this psychosocial roller implies with isolation, included in coercive persuasion, as it is already known. Mentioning all the decisions that have been taken will enlarge this report too, so bibliographic sources are at the end.





19th art. RD463/2020 forces media to spread out official data about pandemic in order to manipulate information in a legal way.  Once the subject has been isolated, he is indoctrinated and gets the messages not in the temple but in front of tv, newspapers and everyday relationships.


In Cuevas (2016) thesis, some traits are highlighted to understand how we are manipulated by media, who make this coercive persuasion possible. Deliberated censorship is essential in any sect (Lifton, 1964; Brown, 1975) to achieve the total control of items and any other reaction options (McGuire, 1985, p.295)


There can use some ways that will be proved in covid 19 case which are the censorship in bases of dogmatic reasons, ridiculing enemy and continuous hammering with absurd data. The result is the fake dichotomy (Vaz, 1983) consisting of when believing in not official version it is common to think something against oneself is being done.


To get so, apart from censorship, it is necessary to hide external knowledge to the people (in this case all about denialism arguments), the transmission in own and exclusive media with much confusion.


It is convenient to follow with covid data in national level to detect the cheat that goes further media. If we see statistics from Carlos III Institute and stop in 33rd report, that speaks about data from February to 29th May of 2020, date on which such positive as hospitalized and death are null with an increase that starts on the 23rd February, with a maximum on the 16th march about PCR daily tests when hospitalizations reach 3900 on 26th march, intensive care units’ admissions are daily only 300 people and death ones 150 until 24th march, to drop to null at the beginning of April. All these numbers get down so dramatically that there is no data at the beginning of May (12). So, PCR data are not reliable and neither hospitalizations are as they are not backed up with death numbers, which there should have been in case a real pandemic had happened, as 13th march RD told us to justify a long, harmful and unproductive quarantine,


If we look into what is granted on close days to when alarm state was declared, which lasted up to May of this year, we can see two graphics: one is on the left whose cases are reckoned by 5.000 people groups and another to the right that uses 200 people group criteria. There can see a uprising for first symptoms   that collapse since the 12th October when it reaches 10.800 daily cases in the blue line. It is outstanding that the lines are the same in both of the graphics. On the left there can see admitted patients and deaths. There is the same going down of people in hospitals from 540, the 100 deaths and 40 admitted patients (13). On the 5th January of 2021 death number is null, as the same as the rest of data. (14)


The last report is the 75th, on the 21st April of 2021. It is described how admitted patients in hospitals, according to left graphic, get up to 2..500 people on the 20th January to fall very fast up to 400 on the 6th march. The reduction on these data has to be with others that drop at null level. It is very interesting to see in these three statistics how the line of admitted is the same as the left one, in this case referring to first symptoms, which are PCR data obviously. Scam? Are all these data reliable if the axes used are so different and results fall down just when alarm states were declared? And why, if the reasons to follow with these orders the last data of Carlos II Institute were on the 21st April of this year?  All this nonsense should be cleared by it to make such absurd data logical.


Statista web site gives out even more confusing data. According to it positive PCR tests have never stopped increasing, even on 20th may 2021 there are 3.631.661 ill people despite there are only 79.601 deaths and 15.376 have recovered from covid, the same data of May 2020 (16). It has no connection to what has been told before. More over Statista informs about 288.522 covid infected persons, 28.445 causalities and 150.336 that. got over this illness. Where is the pandemic?


“RD 22/2020 of 17th June gives lawful force to covid funding, whose reason is “a healthy, economic and social emergency without precedents over the world”. “So, if this pandemic is going to affect regional and town hall budgets, which, in case they do not get enough support on, the answer to face this crisis will be weakened, with its results on healthy and social trait, and so on the public services they are in charge of.” Covid administration funding is urgent. 1.4 article says that “money is got in extraordinary credit and is to be sent to regions and cities with autonomy for them to afford Budget unexpected spends caused by covid 19.”. Es de suponer que a mayor número de casos PCR más dinero recibirán las Comunidades Autónomas. ¿ This life jacket has three stages (art 2), 6 million euros, 3 million euros, 2 million euros, and four million more, with some rules about thus, the more covid positive people there are, the more money they get. Is it convenient there were alarm data if we add up this information to the before mentioned?



If we watch some media news (18 to 22) we can detect fake infected people, 24-hour mantra with data that are not true, so inaccurate that seem to be true.


There is a new from eitv (vasque regional public tv channel) (23) where some journalists critics who disagree with official point of view, by mixing abusing calcifications as far right, antisystem, State attacking group, considering their ideas dangerous because make confusion and deny reality.  Their behaviours are related to public healthy danger and the journalist think that the reaction in front of these groups has to be planned as if he were talking about to fascist groups; the invited doctor talks about conspiratorial and superstition with magic thoughts. To sum up, this is the opinion of media about who resist their manipulation, which is the right place to stay when they say yes as good devotes who believe the only reality is covid 19.



Pitarque )1987) worked on lexical access speed and the importance of repeating items.  All the experiments started with a + sign in the middle of the screen, followed by some stimulus (from one to three), consisted of words or pseudowords. The subject had to press a key as soon as possible, the black apple if it was a word and the white one if a pseudoword.  Some experimental contexts were applied because signs could be repeated or not, as well as have a semantic relation or not. With a high number of tries, when there was only a sign, the average error was 3.33% with a maximum of 14% and minimum 0%.  When three signs were used, they could be related or not and the error average was 3.5% with a maximum of 13. % and a minimum of 0.8%.  when five previous signs were on the screen, with repetition or not, with same meaning or not, the average error was 3.369%, with 12.9 % maximum and 0% minimum. Considering there were 128 tries, the more the item is drilled the better is the remembrance of the word and so about the emotions connected.


Cabrera (2011) has a tesis about the emotional procedure in anxiety high and little traits. He used 58 subjects that had to press the space key. The experiment consisted of:

  1. “Next sentence” message and pressing of space key.
  2. Introducing the key, that could be ambiguous, threatening or not threatening
  3. Ambiguous sentence and enough time to be understood. Pressing.
  4. . Second sentence coming up, time of understanding and pressing.
  5. . The subject has to answer the question with yes or no.

. Low anxiety level subjects that were submitted to a threatening both first and second sign, had an average time of understanding of 3233.32 mile seconds. If it was neutral o did not exist were 3445.79 and 3415.43, which stands for when the previous data was not pleasant and the next one was equal, subjects answer faster


When the neutral key is related to a not threatening message and previous key is omitted, the average reaction time is shorter than when a not threatening one a the end, despite the kind of emotion is opposite between them. High level subjects give longer latency time before answering and even in this case there is the same impact that the sign is threatening and the second one is similar, this is to say, the answer is given before (3680.23 and 3815.05 it there is no sign; if neutral 3851.05)


When the sign is aggressive the message is prone to have longer latency answer, with high or low anxiety level..


Other experiment used images, with the following stages.:

  1. . STAI anxiety trait test.
  2. . Anxiety induction by Velten procedure consisting of mixing music and sentences about oneself on physical sensations and worries.

. The design, that were applied to 110 subjects, consisted of: :

  1. . Looking at central point in the screen during 500 ms.
  2. . Two images appear, one on the left and another on the right during 100 or 500 ms.
  3. A black rectangle is on one side. If it is believed to be on the left, green key is pressed, if right the yellow one.

The bias is the difference between when both of image were in the different places and the same.


. Four kinds of threatening were used:

  1. Phisical
  2. About wealth.
  3. Social
  4. And pleasant..

With 100 and 500 ms in all these cases.


High level subjects gave an important bias, over all if they were submitted to stressing situations, this is to say they answered faster. The reason is that data procedure control emotional statements, such as social images presented the most important avoidance.



  1. . The more is the urgency to escape, they answer faster.
  2. When exposure time was 500 ms the bias was clearer.


Adding up Pitarque (1987) and Cabrera (2011) results to media as constant anxiety stimulating agents by repeating the messages, covid that are easily remembered. The scaping reaction comes from this drilling in a way to order emotions, according to Cabrea studies.


Neverthless, Cabrera (2011) gives other details. The bias or difference between the reaction time for items that were in different places and the same (it was supposed that it had to superior in the first case with no anxiety) was this:


Teniendo en cuenta los niveles de ansiedad y sin inducción de estrés The key words were:.

Clave T= threat..

Clave P= Positive.


  Low level anxiety High level anxiety..
Phisical 100 ms threat bias 5.92 4.15
Wealthy 100 ms threat. bias -12.95 -2.16
Social 100 ms threat bias. -7.55 11.82
Positive 100 ms bias. -19.52 6.75
Phisical 500 ms threat bias. 16.1 0.57
Wealthy 500 ms threat bias. -31.95 -23.06
Social 500 ms threat bias. 34.3 -45.98
Positive 500 ms bias. -11.34 -27.86


The longer exposition to phobic item, the bias is clearly negative when the anxiety trait is higher. Social threat is outstanding as means collective aspects of life. If we look into covid ideology there are many of them. As I explained before, these negative results manifest the need not to be in front of this kind of situations. Anything about wealthy has a deep impact when anxiety trait is low.

  Control group. Submitted group to anxiety
Phisical 100 ms threat bias -5.34 14.91
Wealthy 100 ms threat bias. -4.34 -10.92
Social 100 ms threat bias 17.28 -12.61
Positive 100 ms bias. 2.52 -15.59
Phisical 500 ms threat bias. 10.85 6.57
Weatlthy 500 ms threat bias. -40.32 -16.13
Social 500 ms theat bias. 9.25 -16.83
Positive 500 ms bias. -18.23 -20.27



The group that was exposed to anxiety induction before the test show a clear bias or escaping reactions, although the highest levels are those of 500 ms, even if a positive item appears instead, which makes subject refuse it even with higher intensity. Any stimulus is bad, even if it is good. The wealth is an alarm for control group. In case there could be exposed to covid, they would have reacted the way many people have.


And now we are ready to fancy covid strategy as a mere experiment where we are not exposed to averting and disorder items not for some seconds but a very long time, as there will be provide next. It is supposed that emotional and psychological impacts should have more intensity, arising at posttraumatic stress in broad social layers. Negative items bombing is constant from media, official orders and even social contact. Are suffering from a social engineering program as those that were described before?


. Subjects are guided to lulling stimulus, those that can be more easily identified because the other ones are not detected.   So, any campaign to convince about pandemic reality as PCR data, deaths, collapsed hospital videos and solution political messages, explaining the citizens that they are saved by them, make possible to believe that information is being controlled and frights allow to take them to what they want. Thus, media have an essential role in this scam; real goals are hidden to ordinary citizen and the objectives of globalist sect are real without them to realize how he has been manipulated, by using a grotesque way, indoctrinated to believe in some dysfunctional ideas such as asymptomatic, muzzle use or social distance. As the rules that introduce them are in BOE and in region laws, in spite they want to give them an apparent ethical spirit, it is clear their criminal intentions. The statistics that were described before a believable state of pandemic. So, if psychological and emotional damage is as worst as physical one, we could resume saying covid is a globalist sect.





Millions of people have been subjected to an operant conditioning model despite psychologist colleges deny it and justify State sect official is also true that since many years there have been done experiments on rats to see how they react against sudden enforcement changes (from positive to negative…) by isolations, overcrowding and lack of food. Is their goal to investigate this on us, the humans?


It is convenient to know what do they experiment consist of and their results. There must focus on two of them. Cuenya (2010) designed an experiment with 32 wistar rats, a four arms labyrinth and four conditioning cages with a hole on the wall to introduce the head and drink a liquid that appeared when a ten ms light was interrupted. On the 21st day of life they were exposed to two conditions: on the first one they were in cages for five o six rats, on the second one they were isolated. The experimental stage lasted up to the 36th day when they could relate each to other


This condition continued for two months and they were in cages for four subjects. On the 75h day they were tested and could at least enter the labyrinth and on 90th day they freely accessed two drinking boxes.


There were fourteen tries with two programs: one with continuous  an isolated reinforcement  (for eight rats) and another in group, (another eight ones)  both of them with a sugar concentration of 32 %. In the partial reinforcement, in group and in isolation (ten subjects in each one) liquid was offered in half of times and in the other almost never.


In the next stage the sweel sugar had a 4% concentration in seven tries.



  1. Isolated animals were more active.
  2. . Isolated animals had more sweet sugar than the others which means that suppressive isolation sets up anxiety,


Cárdenas-Villalonga, López-Espinoza et al (2010), worked with  30 wistar rats of 21 days of life. They used polycarbonate cages of 504 cms with stainless Steel grates to pick up crumbs of food. As well as before there were a maze in cross shape at 50 cms of height for the animals to be able to see it clearly from above. Two of their arms of the maze were opened and the others with acrylic walls.


There were three experimental conditions:

  1. Control: 168 square cms for each rat,
  2. Overcrowding: 50.4 cms per animal.
  3. Absolute isolation.



Each condition was for ten subjects and lasted until the 60th day. The offered food was increased in a 300 per cent, taking into account what was added up from one day to the next one. The food was always given at 9 am.


From days 58 to 60th anxiety test was done when the dark stage started, consisting in putting away any food at 19.30. it consisted in getting the rat in the maze and reckoning the staying time and the times they entered. It lasted five minutes. It was supposed that the less they were inside, the more anxious they were.


Results say that the subjects thar were exposed to experimental groups (overcrowding and isolation) reported a shorter time in the maze, less numbers and minor number of entrances, of food consumption during all the dark stage than the others group, overall, in overcrowded ones, with weigh lose.


. And now it is time to compare the experiments this report referred to with the decisions that were taken because of covid 19. It is interesting to interpret Catalonian laws, one of the most damaged regions in Spain for these draconian and out of illegal rules. La vanguardia, the most important newspaper of this part of Spain, according to 32nd bibliographic source, mentions that “ the Generalitat  has decide  to make  contention devices for preventing covid 19 up to  the 9th April. Thus, during Easter mobility restrictions are still in force, with a perimeter closure, curfews from ten pm to six am and the allowance of displacements rise just for one person or cohabiting group. The deadline would be the forced social isolation conditions and the dark stage of the seen experiment. Similar traits are in leaving restaurant and pubs from 7.30 to 17.00. As to district confinement, that prevents movements from villages and cities, perimeters can be passed (33) “for wealthy reasons, going back home, work, professional or legal duties accomplishment, going to university o colleges, taking care of dependent people, going to bank, making arrangements in public administrations, removal of permissions or official documents, doing examinations that cannot be put off, overwhelming force or urgency”,  . Off course that Catalonia is completely closed. The relief came up when (30) “Marc Ramentol, Generalitat wealth general director says it is possible to change deadline rules in the next weeks to give some ease to the citizens after half of a year of submission to not going out at nights. “ As for lockdown we are conscious of two conclusions:  firstly is a efficient way and secondly it emotionally affects, especially to the youngest average layers ages”, has justified in a interview in Catalonia Radio, and as a example of sarcasm, states in Economía Digital that “the main symptom  of this change in reacting against pandemic is  that the speed of the virus propagation is getting slower  (rt) because on this Sunday it has fallen 0.06 points up to 1.32, but unfortunately too late of the level to conclude we are in a official reduction of pandemic. Moreover, new out breaks is back to 346 points, twelve points less than yesterday” If 0.06 point cutdown in which RT, that measures  the speed of virus propagation and the coming back of 346 point level with the risk at outbreaking stands for some relief  in the decisions to the punished population by the nonsense of surrealistic solving ways, which is observed is that  in this kind of experiment subjective and fake data are used to conditionate population to dive into contagion terror, what make sense that pubs could be close at five pm or they were forbidden to leave their city to come over someone. It is a shame that such dumb and well-studied situations has taken place only in this Spanish region and its result is the adaptation to it in order to avoid the emotional damage through de cognitive dissonance and habits that authorities have been inoculated in collective mind. Thus, we face a double process with operant conditioning and modelling, because nothing of this was unexpected, but was planned in a slow way by informing about covid ill people and contagion rates before been caged as laboratory rats. In fact, La Vanguardia published on December 2020 (34) that “from the 2nd to the 8th December 6.590 new covid cases have been notified in Catalonia, which means an average of 941 cases per week and they are lowest data since the beginning of the second wave in early September. On the following days data have come up to 1.021 daily cases average (…). These increases are for the results on 9th and 10th December, much higher than those of 2nd and 3rd” And, to add more fuel to the fire, says that the up tendency has continued since the 11th December, according to Dade Covid data; the three day delay in registering is the reason why this statistic is not updated”, and also confirms that “ the upturn of contagions takes place when a thousand new cases per day in Catalonia are in statistics and there are almost 350 patients  in intensive care unit hospitals; the numbers are multiplied by ten in comparation to  those of the first covid way, when there were less than 100 daily cases and patients in hospital came down to 40”. The key is to over intensify the negativity” of the news, even if they are fake.


To know the roots of this conditioning that is applied to human, it is necessary to mention the book of the Chester (1975) (36), who looks into the success and failures of Joseph Goebbels, propaganda ministry of Adolf Hitler analysing  this historical figure, it is very clear a fragment of Mein Kampf of Adolf Hitler: “Propaganda art exactly consists of wakening public imagination through  feeling enhances in order to find the appropriate way to catch the attention and call people heart. The receptive capacity is very restrictive and the understanding abilities are very weakened. Moreover, people forget very fast. Any effective propaganda needs to use very simple ideas by stereotypes.  These slogans should be persistent and be repeated up to the last subject accept the idea which he is being conditioning with”. (Manville, Roger and Fraenkel Heinrich, Dr. Goebbels, his life and death, Simon & Schuster, New York, 1960, p 69). P 67


As for language manipulation, this author says that “Goebbels has introduced a new expression in propaganda vocabulary. It is not of internal use. He is employing the term poetical reality in contrast with a specifical reality amplification. As we know very little about some events, plans and operations of the enemy, Goebbels says: “We should not be changing the truth if we add any trait to the history to cover holes, we should describe things as they could happen in the future””. To get so it is peremptory the perfect control of media, something that Goebbels was not able to when the second world war and its disasters to the people.


Florez-Villamar et al (2018) (35) stands out ten manipulation technics for the bias of the information (pp 23-24):

  1. Distraction from important  .
  2. Making up of troubles and solving ways.
  3. Data are gradually introduced for people to assimilate it..
  4. Making believe necessary decisions are urgent and sorrowful.
  5. Citizen is considered to be a child without any analysing ability
  6. Use of emotional resource to avert reflexions through fright.
  7. Keeping population in absolute unknowledge and lack of information about the important issues for the sect
  8. Provoking mediocrity in society by selfishness, individualism and no action against the attack from the State to the society.
  9. Self-blaming feeling to make subject believe to be the only responsible for his misfortune.
  10. Psychological scrutiny of members about emotional, social and cultural traits.


It is obvious the relationship between these manipulation ways and data about Joseph Goebbels. The stereotyped information is in such examples as the infected average per 100.000 inhabitants or the number of patients in treatment. This is to say that as background of this resources, taken by Spanish government and regional administrations, we can find Nazi ways. The total control on media is what it has been successfully achieved in comparation with the strategy of Goebbels. All official professional colleges spread out the same messages, depending on if they use confusion that may get the people fright stronger.



Any kind of social control from any sect, according to Cuevas (2016) involves the necessary existential dependence, which makes believe that there is an urgency state (Singer and Lalina, 1977), and that is convenient to use some signs to be recognize as a member, as a muzzle (Hasan, 2012).  The goal is to destroy the proper way of thinking for the subject not to be able to decide, to ask for permission, to establish an oppressive hierarchy and a leader who is overvalued, despite the non-sense of the sect philosophy


The way to get so is guiding the covidian behaviour for the actions to become habits and introduce ideological indoctrination to be believe in pandemic.


Fortunately, we have two important documents to prove it, both from BOE (Boletín Oficial del Estado).


.21/20 RD on 9th June states in its reasons: “ It is obvious that the contention decisions had a relevant economic and social impact as they have brought down  the economic and social activity for some time by restricting mobility and economic activity, whose results are in incomes for workers and  homes, enterprises and some sectors of Spanish economy”” “So, since the first moment there has been taken some ways to guarantee  family, workers and vulnerable sector protection, to keep the productive system and to prevent  the  bad effects for the wealth crisis by some rules in some RD to administrate the national resources for the protection against these adverts effects, especially on the poorest”. Coercive persuasion is about allowing economic environment and manipulating population by the logic of the new covidian language. And says: “By the ministry’s agreement on the 28th April, it was declared the transition plan to new normality that implies the removal of the made decisions in gradual way and with the coordination of Spanish regions, focused on the necessary changes according to the covid data and the impact from orders to be implemented


Article 4 says in a general way that “all the citizens must accomplish with the necessary precautions  to avoid risks at spreading covid 19, as the exposure to this risks, following what law explains”. Some wealthy behaviours are described, as muzzle use in 6th article:


“1. From six year old people the use of muzzles is in force: a) In the street, in outdoors spaces or anyone if it is not possible to guarantee to maintain a interpersonal distance of 1.5 mt  b) On air, sea bus, train, or public transports, in private in vehicles for a maximum of nine persons, including the driver, if the they do not live in the same place.  In ships it is not necessary when they be in the cabin or ship deck if it is possible to keep this security distance.

2.. What is referred to point 1 is no applied to people with some illness with breathing difficulty or for this handicap or dependency, without any ability to wear out the muzzle or have behaviour troubles that made this use impossible. It is not in force when individual sport in outdoors, neither in not available good results by its use, according to wealthy authorities.

  1. The unitary sell of surgical muzzles that are no individually packed is only possible in pharmacies, to keep them in good wealthy conditions to keep the quality of the product”.


As the exception for the muzzle use is so unspecific, wearing it is peremptory for all the population and getting rid of this asks for a report that is not so easy to get as the law promise and neither is not accepted by any policeman. The 1.5 mt security distance is a trap and way to force everybody to put it on outdoors, even if there is not any other people. It is not a clear rule but confusing, apart from being too general because its goal is to establish a habit as a way to drive citizen attention to covid rules and their obligation.


7th article is about work centre and says:

1.: without prejudice to occupational risks and their rules about, the owner of the economic activity or director, in their cases, should:

 a). Adopt measures of ventilation, cleaning and adequate disinfection according to protocols.

b). Make water, soap and hydroalcoholic gels available for workers, which are authorised by wealthy ministry

. Washing hand with alcohol is a part of covidian routine. Covidian have it with them all the time and frequently uses it. Even Mapfre Foundation (45) says that it overuse can have bad results as dryness, irritation, itches, swelling, serious injuries and infections. So, even when in force in working centre, their use can be harming. Off course, muzzles are included, but they are not told.

“c). To adapt the working conditions, including shifts and common spaces to keep interpersonal security distance of 1.5 mts between employees. When not posible, they should wear adequate protection equipments according to risks” El adoctrinamiento está claro en los puestos de trabajo donde se logran los beneficios para la supervivencia: hacer que el sujeto se habitúe a la distancia de seguridad como requisito sine qua non y estar obligado con ir con indumentaria especial en el caso de que no sea posible. Dado que es el jefe de la empresa el responsable de seguir estas normas, bajo el mandato del Estado y que el trabajador está obligado por ley, el mantenimiento del puesto de trabajo pasa por obedecer ciegamente al líder. The indoctrination is very clear in job, where money is gotten to survive and so subject get used to security distance as rule to follow.

“d Adopt the ways to prevent people to be crowded during the hours of maximum number of clients.

  1. Reincorporate progressively to workstations and promote working at distance when activity cannot be in other way.”” This paragraph stresses the urgency of social distance and the lack of emotional contact by working from home as a perfect excuse to isolate This is goal of covidian sect.


The evillest part is on second and third paragraph:

:” 2. If someone shows symptoms similar to those of covid 19 or is at lockdown for this diagnosis, or is in quarantine for being in contact with someone who has suffered from this illness, shouldn´t show up at work.

  1. If an employee start to have similar symptoms to covid ones, regional or wealthy authorities or prevention centres to be informed will be called up this employee must use immediately a mask and will follow the recommendations up to a health personnel checks him”


The second point is satanic. If diagnosis is made by PCR test, which has not any consistence neither true results, that are hazardous, deciding that someone that is positive cannot go to work, despite not having any symptom, is completely absurd since a medical and scientific point of view, and more stupid if he is said to have a contact with someone who had not had any illness sign. The fact to be isolated by force, apart from being a stigma by fright to be bullying and fired, make employee be afraid lose his job. Moreover, the exaggerated individualism, the defiance and the fright to the work mate, sums up to being perceived as infecting agent. This social engineering plan is perfect. Once we have a mere sign, the subject is urgently masked and is brought apart from his colleagues waiting for medical attention. This peremptory action increased the terror to be scapegoat of the day with all the emotional impact. This is to say that any member may be discriminated at the minimum suspicious. The colour skin is not important but whimsical rules.


These rules are applied to educative centres (9th art), social centres and nurse homes (10th) malls (11th), hotels (12th), hospitality activities (13th), cultural centres (14th), sportif installations (15th) and the others(16th), this is to say any place where a subject has a social relation out of home. So, these rules run the coexistence without any way to get rid of them, even in ground and air transport (17th and 18th articles).


But the Spanish government is not satisfied with its historical feat and BOE established a sanctions regime for Extremadura on the 15th August 2020 (42), ordering the authorities the change of law 7/2011 about wealthy. It says that “ the sanction regime will be applied because of the health crisis covid 19 about omissions and actions by any physic or legal person that breaches these obligations (…).thus, it is sure the law Will be realized and any disobeying is going to be punished or taken out from social game if the rule is no accomplished, as regions are included in Spain and the State runs them, a perfect plan.


And to order people some infractions are stated from minor to serious

Infraction classification:

4.1) Minor ones:

  1. a) Not using muzzle or not correctly wearing it, as other sanitary items.
  2. b) failing to accomplish with individual duties of taking care and protecting, as decisions to prevent damages to the population.
  3. c) Not being isolated or in quarantine against the orders from wealthy authorities.
  4. d) Participating in meetings, feasts or any other event where people is crowded and it is impossible to realise wealthy orders, that are stated against pandemic.
  5. e) Not complying with the general prevention and hygiene measures for any shop in public or private premises.
  6. f) Not complying with rules that prevents from moving, against what it is say in point c
  7. g) Not giving any information about time table, premise capacity, social distance, use of muzzle or any other item to be explained in public shops
  8. h) Getting over the premise capacity up to a 15 percent from deadline established by healthy authorities
  9. i) Not controlling the number of people according to law.
  10. j) The allowance from owners or managers of hobby shops and hospitality establishments about not taking into account some wealthy measures.
  11. k) Not elaborating protocols when law states it is necessary.
  12. l) Not collaborating with agents or wealthy authorities
  13. ll) Any other infraction that has not been considered serious or very serious.
  14. m) Intractions described in 33/2011 4th October Public General Wealth to be applied in a pandemic.

4.2) Serious offenses:

  1. a) Not keeping isolation or quarantine when ordered by wealthy authorities if these actions imply grave risks for public wealth.
  2. b) Moving in a out of law way when it is a risk for public wealth.
  3. c) Arranging meetings, parties or similar events in public and private places, with crowded people that prevent from accomplishing the wealthy measures.
  4. d) Not helping agents of authority or wealthy one when there is a risk for public wealth
  5. e) Not giving data to authority to epidemiolocal check people for covid 19.
  6. f) resistance to give data or obstruction to be known by agents or authorities or fake data with great importance to the wealth.
  7. g) Not attending to wealthy requirements, decided by authorities, or not telling the suspicious cases if the subject is forced to report it.
  8. h) Not obeying instructions form authorities or breaching them, when not being a very serious offense.
  9. i) Breaching the maximum capacity of premises when it is noy a minor infraction.
  10. j) Open up of shops or celebrating acts that has been forbidden o suspended by rule, or authority order
  11. k) Not keeping provisional measures decided by authorities
  12. l) any action that causes a damage or important risk for the population wealth when it is not very serious.

4.3) Very serious offenses;

  1. a) Not being isolated or in quarantine with grave damages o very grave damages to public health.
  2. b) Breaching lockdown or movements restrictions with grave o very important damage.
  3. c) Repeated not compliance of instructions from authorities or when its impact on public health implies great danger.
  4. d) Any malicious action for risking public wealth
  5. e) Not following rules or omissions of acts from laws when the result is grave o very grave.
  6. f) Others infractions on 33/2011 law (…)
  7. The commission of these infractions Will be fined with
  8. a) Minor infractions up to 3000 euros. Not using correctly the mask or not wearing it 100 euros
  9. b) Serious offenses: from 3.001 to 60.000 euros.
  10. c) Very serious: from 60.001 to 600.000 euros”.


.It is very clear this so long list of punished behaviours and fines up to 3000 euros, which cannot be paid by most of people;  it is clear how economy is used  and what it is called new normality to condition population by gross pavlovian conditioning with a much eviler intention that is described with covid vaccines.


And, if there were not enough pressure over a tortured population by dictator and absurd rules, the Spanish State, when alarm state is to be finished soon, makes a new law (43) or 2/21 on 29th March whose 6th article is about using muzzles in a obliging way from six years old (“ the people from six years old must use masks in these situations: a) in public roads, outdoors spaces and in other similar; b)  in air transports, buses or trains or in public or private ones for up to nine persons, including the driver, if they do not live together”).  Explanations are unnecessary for the obsessive drill on the use of muzzles and others measures decided by the Spanish government., his president, ministries and advisers.


. All these decisions, prove that:

  1. Authorities have a power which is not available for themselves since a constitutional point of view when they violate the most fundamental rights to submit to dictatorship regime by a so basic conditioning that any psychology student catches at once.
  2. In all this experimental conditioning, which have been designed by BOE and uses positive and negative reinforcements as out of logic fines and a fright that gets into limbic system for survival need the citizens has to face and generates stress, anxiety, depression, terror to neighbour and anybody that could reminds of this nonsense rules, satanic laws as those have been explained and set habits, the goal is to manipulate.
  3. None of these experiments has got the agreement from who suffers such a torture. The same way that there did experiments with rats, dogs and cat with aversive stimulus in early the 20th century, nowadays the interest is also scientific, but it has been designed for millions of people with the excuse of a fake pandemic, with not only economic effects, but also emotional, psychological and social ones in order to make posttraumatic trauma a pitfall not to be reckoned. Suicides come from depression cases that have not been numbered and it is convenient not to have any data about them because governments could be ashamed and they are not convenient for who are responsible of this psychological genocide, as it is going to describe. However, it is absurd that the States react struggling society, following Tavistock Institute rules
  4. And finally, it should not have a sense if the arrangements would not have been done in a sect context, that fits with coercive persuasion, as BOE shows us with a great impudence.

Results: repetitive conducts which will be psychologically and emotionally analysed later




  1. Matute (1993), (68) starts his investigation by stating how learned helplessness happens when a living being believes that there is not any relation between the answer and its unpleasant result. Seligman did the first experiment with dogs, but the effects is not the same in humans.


43 students of Deusto University were selected, they took two tests (anxiety and depression), and they were assigned to the experimental groups: scape, coupled and control (without any treatment). They were exposed to 3000 Hz sound during a maximum of 5 seconds. The goal was to differentiate between helplessness and superstition, so they were reckoned by their repeated answers.


The experiment had these stages:

  1. Introducton and tests.
  2. They had to avoid the sound by keying 1, 2, or 3, by combining two or one numbers. In the scape group the only was 21 number there were 40 tries.

The average of superstition in the coupled group was 56.03%, including a strong belief of control (they thought their private number was magic enough to avert unpleasant stimulus. So learned helplessness does not provoke fear but absurd ideas that use to avoid some situations.


On the other hand, Docampo (2002) (69) did another interesting experiment. 192 subjects were selected, applied CASQ attributional test (humans define the reasons for pleasant and unpleasant situations from control inside locus (blame), outside one (the context is responsible) or not defined) there were four experimental situations: helplessness, immunization, solving available and control. In immunization stage the task consisted in ordering five letters to say a Word with the same order (5-1-3-2-4, for instance). At pre-treatment stage the solving way group had the same duty as immunization one, while at helplessness condition there was impossible to make a word. At the end they fifteen quite easy exercises to feel better. The four groups were at the stage, including control one.


According to the results, helplessness subjects’ group, had more failures, longer time to answer and need more essays than the others ones.  It was believed that internal attribution, related to blame was the key following other traditional theories, but internal-immunized subjects solved better than internal-helplessness ones, without any great difference among internal, external or not defined. On the other hand, not defined-immunized gave out worse results than not defined-helplessness, meanwhile the result was the same in immunized-helplessness in both groups, internal or external attributions


Once the experiment has been described, it is possible to conclude that:

  1. When solving is impossible, success average is lower as the satisfaction of feeling secured and relaxed to do a task like is it to survive in this horrific scenery, which was created by the before conditioning. It is not strange that anxiety, depression, dissociative problems or suicide happen. This environment is enough to create this psychological and emotional problems, independently of if the subject feels blame or not. If we consider the economic difficulties, the familiar conflicts, the frustration for not being near of loved people, the insecurity about the future and the hardness to adapt to a sudden and hostile context, we can have a clearer perspective. Working out this equation is quite difficult because the wishes and needs do not have to do with what the situation asks for; so, there is no solution and in case it is real, it cannot be logical or rational. The key is the lack of strategies of the trouble cannot be arrange because there are contradictions between between its content and what is demanded.  As for the pandemic problem, the content is to survive without any relation to the goal or to obey the rules that are against the survival fact (this absence of relation is in any covidian behaviour, as masks because they are insane). So, whatever it is done, the result is a complete failure.
  2. Moreover humans use magical thoughts in a ambiguous context, as the coupled group, that was seen before. In fact, the control belief can be completely unreal when doing anything sabe us from any danger. To get so in people it is just necessary not to give clues and leave of possibilities opened. In the psychopandemic ,this phenomenon takes place as essential for using muzzles because, as irrational reaction, subjects feel safe with covid ritual. Population was offered some rules that worked as arguments to make them believe that a mask could sabe them from death, because it was at hand and both the State and media explained in relation to terror. All of this implied completed supersitious covidian believes.
  3. Both of these strategies sum up and magic thoughts are the way out when cognitive dissonance is set up.


It can be seen that pandemic is more related to psychological strategies more than it can be believed. Díaz, Rodríguez et al (2015) says about cognitive disonance that “Oreg (2003) discovered a new concept that he called “disposal change resistance”, which consists of the tendency to resist necessary behaviour alterations, to undervalue it or find it its aversive”. Without describing the experiments on the 70th bibliographic reference, which proves this,  any reaction related to covid protocol responds to a resistance to accept the change of the situation, making all these conditioning,  learned helplessness or cognitive dissonance people  not accept the fact, not analyse them with objectivity; the result is the refusal to urgent change and a new necessary language to understand reality through new terms, which are subjective and live in the collective unconscious as a way to insert into society from an emotional point of view, which strengthens  and allows cognitive dissonance and change resistance to guide the subject.


Thus, it is possible that millions of people echo this new way to concept reality, without being important if it is good or bad, without any physical violence but with psychological manipulation.



The key of covidian philosophy is focused on individual destruction, on the action to damage to do good, so it is not only a  logical turndown by following absurd models, but a transgression of human morality to be brought to limbic system to get  the subject to behave against himself by complying with some rules that has been made up  with evil intention.


No measure is for wellness, neither the use of masks, the social isolation, vaccines or PCR tests because all the them trap by convincing naïve persons as the last two mentioned to the slow suicide, or the two first ones, without mentioning the economic measures that lead to suffocating for ever. The covidian philosophy is not justly planned to ease human life. Cuevas (2016) states the importance of groups, which are adapted to covidian world by the sect manipulation:

  1. It is a crucial piece of the plan as it is peremptory. Human beings are living beings and we are conditioned by this instinct. Thus, who be able to play with it, getting it possible or impossible controls our lives.
  2. Anxiety reduction. As danger is averted by social comparation, reckoning the danger from our action to survive, people are convinced that the least damage comes up when we obey by cognitive dissonance and we choose the apparent bad option. This way the success is assured.
  3. Positive self-esteem. The subject needs to feel that does what is correct to be conscious he takes the option for his goodness, which convince to do so on a on. When the prize is the social integration, as is uses to be despite the changes of rules, wellness sensation reappears although it is a matrix.
  4. Social protection. The security from the group members is looked for by believes verifications that the correct is being performed, especially when the orders are absurd and harmful for the human being that comply with them, frequently for hear.
  5. Social identification. Social and individual ego are very important in personality concept because as human beings we need to relate each to other. The trouble is that social ego cancels individual one and the ability to choose vanishes, without any freedom on most basic believes and subject submits to social patterns. In this case positive esteem does not exist as the subject does not love and neither respect himself to achieve the psychological and emotional wellness.
  6. Good results come when people work in webs. Human abilities can be performed if there are no other people. When these social webs do not work properly, as covidian coexistence, the troubles cannot be solved and anxiety and stress cannot be faced.
  7. Identification and social support: when social relations are stable and for long-term, people feel they are not alone because there is someone who can help in a borderline situation. thus, fright at future and not defined situations disappears and planning for survival can be carried out to have an adequate perception of reality. On the contrary, when the tendency is to get into learning helplessness, the faith for the success goes away and the perspective of external or internal frights are puzzled.


Neither of these traits are in covidian pattern because the taken measures seems to work on the contrary. The way to do it to link escaping frights with complying with the rules by planning. To get so catastrophic point of view is used to make believe goes to disaster, which manipulators are creating step by step. The State acts as people protector of their wealth, social integrity, and supplier of survival, which is finally done out. The evil trait is contrary to human nature, so covidian rules needs to be subjective to be followed. Its result is not only the subject censors and indoctrinates himself, but this new law is seen as a holly rule that he complies with by self-order. The conscious that it is urgent because they are facing a new and unexpected context, make the subject believe this law cannot be breached. If yes, the self-concept does not work and the fright restart the process. When the State triggers these principles make subject destroy himself.


With such a suggestion power, subject mind is under the control of his owner, leading him to alienation, memory obliteration and reset. On other words, he is no longer who was because the excuse to adapt to urgent environment of alters the way the world is seen and the new emotions has to be convenient to comply with the rules. If he does not do that, he falls down to an absolute emptiness. Anxiety, obsessive compulsive dissorder and depresión avoidance, as magic door where the subject vanishes for ever, become backgrounds of every believes and actions to mind developes its inquisitorial role. Accomplishing absurd laws is under forcé and escaping this madness is more and more difficult. ,


As the destruction of human nature, the goal of covidian sect, is progressive and out of the perception, “Singer and Lalich (1997), describe how these groups pose a close logic system with an authoritarian structure that does not allow any changes, by allowing those that leaders think is necessary.  If the subject complains of not achieving his goals, it will be said that he is blamed on that and he will not be able to criticize any dogma. The result are confusing feelings to make people believe are always wrong, except when they obey the group” (Cuevas, 2016, p 315). Thus, blame is an aversive mechanism that guides this evil plan in a mind context that mental and emotional torture leads to craziness and other collective schizophrenia.




“Keep your security distance”

Iglesias-Osores (2020) (41) backs up lockdown comparing two statistics in which, if the recommendations of Mr. Vizcarra were followed, the increase of infected would be inferior, without the risk that implies to reopen the economy.  The social isolation has become the success key to get over the pandemic by stressing personal decisions instead of from governments. Off course, Cayetano Heredia University asked to get a longer quarantine.  If this new language term has to be defined, it implies that no being in touch is a responsibility for a common wellness with the blame a helpless State that demands subdued citizens for the country to recover the old normality in sake of the effort from all.. It is possible to give a leadership to each citizen which has never been offered to the subject because he can save his country and prize is the feeling of  being useful to the society  in which he obeys protocols that  he believes in.


Neverhless, the nonsense of these arguments is proved in medical and psychological studies, that were done before the pandemic. Vera y Buela(1999)(37)   stand up::

  1. Bartrop, Lukurst, Lazarus y Kluh (1977) say that mournings alter inmmunity system.
  2. Theorell, Blomkust, Jonsson, Schulman, Bentrop y Stagedel (1995) experimented with AID patients with high and low social support. When seeing CD4 or lymphocites level, they concluded that the level went down in the last group more than the high social support one.
  3. Herbert & Cohen (1993) discovered that the quality of social relations diminished lymphocytes, killer cells and cytotoxins level.

Río y Lisa (2015) (38) tested 100 new-borns in a peruvian hospital to see how they reacted if they were immediately breast-fed in comparation with those that were cleaned and covered to be with their mother one or two hours later.. Statistic device was Mann Whitney at the birh moment, ten, twenty and thirty minute later. The control group had in physiologic adaptation 5.78, 9.64, 9.58 and 9.98. As for psychological adaptation 1.12, 2.02, 2.38 and 2.98. The group that contacted mothers two hours later had in physiologic adaptation 4.1; 6.64; 6.24 y 6.08 and in psychological one 0.68; 0.6; 0.78 y 0.96. The low points talk about no reaction near the mother, cry and stress.


Vázquez, Hervás et al (2009) (39) underlines the social influence on hypotalamic-pituatary-adrenal axe when exposures to relaxing and pleasant items as human contact that cut down cortisol level, increase endogenous opiates as endorphins and activity reduction in Autonomy nervous system, observed by Pressman y Cohen (2005).


Segerstrom (2012) (40) describes some very interesting investigations:

  1. Dumm &Colleagues (2010): some people that received some money were motivated to give them to other persons or to keep them. When asked about their decisions, the least money they handed, the higher cortisol level. (p 83).
  2. Gunnar, Sebana, Trot, Donzella y Van Dulman (2003): the subjects that were rejected or ignored in the laboratory shew more cortisol (p 82).
  3. Matheson y Anisman (2009): some subjects filled in a story with rage, shame or neuter emotional traits. Shame had the same effect.
  4. Cole (2008): the impact from social stressing facts related to conscious at failures on immunologic system increases killer cells, lymphotics, C vitamin in blood and swelling signs..
  5. Dickerson, Kennedy, Aziz, Kim y Fahey made some people write an essay about something they felt guilty or not. Results: lymphocits T increases.

So we can conclude that:

  1. Isolation is completely harmfuil.
  2. In any stage of the pandemic, it was useful as, according to reduced covidian arguments, to show that the psychological, emotional and physic damage is stronger than the Benefit to the group. It is a blatant lie,
  3. The lack of a gratifying social, which must be physical and visual, involves a damage to immunologic system at short, medium and long term because in covidian environment the citizen is responsible for the society to go back to normality, which means to be checked, to be criticized by anyone that follows the rules if he disobeys, the laws or the State, in front of other people or security forces, as we could see in the before experiments.
  4. Not only this effect stops in the individual that assumes this shame and blame, but they spread like the gun-powder as the lack of human touch make these negative emotions stronger.
  5. Thus, we are not only in front of a fake belief but a very dangerous one as it is a new language concept that turns down human relations value in a, wished and awaited future that does not take place in the present. So, they live in a very similar fantasy state to what a child could have when he denies his trauma, which blocks him.


“Wear well the mask”

Using a mask means that:

  1. Who uses is covidian and not dangerous. He is a member of the same tribe.
  2. It is a sign of respect to his mourning, which is not necessary to be known, and his fear. That same respect is to society and who serve them with honour and proud. Not wearing it is not only a shameless sign but a social irresponsibility one which qualified as ignorant, crazy or denial.
  3. It is a conditioning from the schedule to protect from the virus. it is an urge to isolate from society and to be with it if the subject feels safe. All of this fits with the defiance to the other
  4. It is a way to submit to an external law that is inside mind thanks of the massive fear campaign, over-spread by tv, newspapers, social webs as WhatsApp of Facebook, and others people opinion that agree with state measures, accomplish them, and, at the same time, want others to do so, by threatening to sue as if they were members of the Security forces.
  5. It is a way to avert the blame related to death fear, by a obsessive compulsive disorder. The subject to prevent from a more tragic situation, that is to have covid 19, needs to cover his face from other humans.
  6. Thus, covering the face is to participate in social play to be seen as a member and not to be expelled. It is also connected with keeping of social distance.


Once included in new language, its meaning is opposite. Where it describes protection there is damage, where it is explains about wealthy habits, there are illness, where it includes persistence and obsessive isolation it talks to social correct contact. The subject chooses this meaning by himself and without being forced to. So, the arguments are fake and absurd.


Wealthy uses effects need to be described.

. Masks reduce oxygen concentration, which must be 21 %

According to Beber et al (2008), hypoxia from muzzle wearing increases heart rate. There did a longitudinal study on 53 surgeons by measuring haemoglobin  with a oximeter to estimate the arterial pulse before and after the surgery.


It results that it happens a diminishment of oxygen saturation in arterial pulse (Sp02), after the first hour. The coming down was superior at older than 35 years old.  Conclusions: pulse rhythm gets up and Sp02 reduces after this mentioned time before. This variation can be caused by the muzzle or the surgery stress. As a small reduction in saturation means more reduction of Sp02, the results have a clinic importance for nurse and surgeons.


It avoids the subject from getting the necessary oxygen. This phenomenon, called hypoxia, consists of that our cells, instead of getting what they need, they work with CO2, with a not efficient working of our organs, as well as our heart. As the oxygen concentration is reduced, the heart has to make extra effort with the following heart rate increase, even if any sport is being practiced. Because our body does not ask for our wastes when breathing, we are slowly poisoning our body


. Todos estos aspectos se encuentran documentados en la bibliografía científica que aparece al final de este informe. En Shehade H. et al. (2015) (47) se describe como la hipoxia genera que las células Th1 o linfocitos T supriman la efectividad de las citoquinas, responsables de la creación de más células para el sistema inmunológico. Así queda demostrado que la disminución de oxígeno provoca una disminución de nuestras defensas.

But the most worrying result is hypercapnia and its impact on our immunity system, which creates less lymphocytes allowing bacterium and virus get into a helpless organism for possible illnesses. This is proved in Shehade et at (2015) (47) where it is cleared explained how hypoxia makes Th1 or T lymphocytes stop cytokines, which are responsible for more immunity cells. So, diminishing oxygen slump our defending.

Dominguez et al (1996) (48) conclude that hypercapnia causes brain damage by increasing albumin and bilirubin concentration when the environment is to acid. The consequence is the neuronal damage and the breaking of the blood brain barrier. Bilirubin is an antioxidant and its excess alters neurotransmitters, that urge the cells to work correctly. When GABA, glutamic acid, cholecystokinin, noradrenaline, serotonin, dopamine and acetylcholine can work and the synapsis is not going well, we have serious problems, as anxiety or depression, which is caused by less monoamines as noradrenaline and serotonin.

The psychological effects, as they involve getting separated to others, are not less visible.

The social distance is a dilemma: there is a need of close touch among humans and, at the same, they are urged to comply with the rules to prevent from to suffer from the virus or getting infected. Once these orders are drilled and become habits, the subject has forgotten the ability to relate with others, including emotional results.

Tassin M (1999) (49) did an experiment with 70 students of Wesleslay University, in Illinois. They were said to be reckoned the cognitive ability with a word test and a personality other one when the real intention was to use them as a distractor to avoid bias in the result… Firstly, they had a word and the task consisted of making the longest possible list of word that contained that one. Later, they were exposed to three stories that contained unknown names and places to give an opinion about protagonist. The only change was the kind of relation between him and the subject. The goal was to know the self-concept, the social concept and there was a control experimental environment in which someone asked for something to anyone. In the others the favour was demanded to the best friend or it was a charge with social intentions. Later, they were applied SELSA or emotional and social loneliness for adult’s scale (Di Tomasso and Spinner (1993)), by a scale from 1 to seven and 37 items. The fourth test was the loneliness scale (UCLA), Russel et al (1984), of 20 items with a scale from 1 to 4. The CES-D was the next one with a description of the social connexions in the university. The figures were looked into by three variables: isolation loneliness, disconnection, and group membership. It was supposed that the kind of loneliness would depend on the real story, but there was no relation between loneliness and self-concept, despite the control group had lower results on items about social loneliness.

Brewer and Gardner (1996) differentiate between two kinds of self-concepts: personal and interpersonal. The first one is about very close relationships and the second one refers to group. The subject use mental schemes according to the context. As for social one, emotional loneliness comes up when the feedback from the group is not satisfactory with a sense of no membership. The fact of not feeling the love of close human or other members, which is very common nowadays with a social security distance rule outdoors, involves a lack of emotional perception, especially when it is necessary to share not very pleasant moods as fear, rage or People is afraid when  the environment is perceived as baffling, they feel rage because they cannot adapt to it and they are sad as they think something very important has vanished and will never be back, this is to say, mourning. So, in this pandemic, where emotions are forbidden by law (you can join more of a number of people), the emotional lack reception is unbearable and we find two kind of loneliness: the emotional and social (when it is not felt any connexion to the others). Nevertheless, the human contact keep being an urgency and the subject will ponder this lack as possible it is and being in conflict because society shows up rigid and hostile and it is not possible to live isolated. This contradiction provokes anguish, if we consider Festinger cognitive dissonance as the first step to depression.

As the in satisfaction with social relationships are lower in UCLA test, Russel et al (1984), the key is on social self-identification, by the self-concept referring to collective one (how the subject perceives himself inside the group he belongs to). This would be the third piece to eliminate the conflict for the cognitive dissonance and provokes a constant loop of continuous internal suffering and solving tries, because the way out what is given does not lull in a logic argument, it is completely irrational when does not cover the most basic emotional needs.

The mask sets up this mechanism as a sign we accept others, is a very well-defined stimulus to classify people: those who adapts to orders and those who reject them and become undesirable because they do not obey or spread covid, if we attend to social schemes that are on media when they attack the social self-concept. The ending result is the dehumanization, the submission to rules and the sacrifice of freedom in for the individual definition defend.

If we regard this complex maze, we realize that alters all the society.

On the other hand, Wendy et al (2014) did another experiment with 91 psychology students. They were informed by three ways: direct message, a by a chat and reading a diary. In the first situation the subjects were accepted in the chat, without any classification criteria, in the second there were interpersonal rejections and in the third on not accepting them at all was the rule. When reading the diary, they were asked about the easiness they created the attributions with, followed by a verbal ability test. They were exposed a ten-minute test consisting of a 1-7 Likert scale They were asked how the others were interested in what they said and how integrated they felt in the chat by a 1-7 scale. The secret that they had been manipulated was relieved (the answer they had gotten from the chat were the same as the before ones) the results stated that there is a need of social membership and this helped remember and process the information of the group.

Once we apply this fact on the conscious level which people use a muzzle with, it is outstanding they performed manipulation and how the subject needs to adapt to his environment and any data, even if it is fake By this way, one of the effects of masks is not phisic but psycological for the the social pressure. Can ego suffer a dystrophy for its memory? This fact is quite clear in the experiment.

Any adult can stop recognizing his emotions. It is already known that this procedure is by learning in adults and children, which are maturing their brains. If the subject gets accustomed to the lack of emotional expressions of feelings and getting familiar with others moods, he gets unable to communicate with himself and others, without interpreting his feelings or the others´ ones. The emotional intelligence corrupts itself, by involving the dangers for himself and others.

Clares et al (2015) (51) stresses the importance of emotional expressions in human communication, by telling the emotional intelligence is basic to develop a true human being.

Ruano (2004) in this report on the keys of emotional showing off, chose 55 students of 1st degree of physic and spot activity of Madrid Euroean University.for his experiment. The pupils wrote a diary about this issue in 2000 with ten subjective lines mínimum extensión. Fear, anxiety and shame were the most frequent. They were about very specific situations as the teacher is a Little bit strict and clearly shows it or they have very good Friends. What is the effect to be with someone you know all your life? Any emotion is connected to a situation as being with friends. Later they introduced the questionnaire to evaluate fear, shame, happiness and love, with 104 items and a 1-5 points Likert scale. They also used CEAE questionnaire, which was applied in pre and post experimental stages. Finally, 161 students filled it, 65 from the degree already commented. They estimated anxiety, social abilities and psychological wellness (AI, EMES-B and EBP tests respectively). There were five groups, two of control and three of experiment, that got through corporal expression signature. The tests were filled up before and after this lesson. To analyse figures, it was used ANOVA 5*5*2. Data say about about changes, depending on if they got this lesson or not, with significant results on love and happiness (pp 308, 310 and 311).

It is possible to stop perceiving emotions.  We already know this is an ability we learn. If the subject gets used to not seeing any emotions and do not connect to others, he develops a lack of communication with himself and others without being able to interpret how others feel, so his emotional intelligence slumps. Feelings start not to be important and people give up wondering how they feel, what makes them happy or what causes that others be happy with them. The mere facts of using a mask are considered a perception sign of the others and has an anaesthetic effect, because everybody is seen the same way. On the contrary, what enriches human interaction is the emotional expresivity and the understanding of who is different from us. We have interests in social relations this way. When this key trait is canceled off, when watching our similar with muzzles, there is not difference between you and me, my communication intention vanishes and the rule is automatically in force:  It has to be complying with and the other must do the same.


We can see the importance of the external emotion to recognize own one. Using a mask does not allow it because the nose  and the mouth are covered, getting the face unexpressive. So, we do not learn to develop our emotional intelligence because own feelings are out of self-perception. This is very dramatic in children, forced to use it at schools, under the orders from education ministry and school directors.


Nieves et al (2012), (53), talks about the disastrous effects. They describe  the subject inhibition in the social context by the fear impact. The cause is the forced isolation in a context of anxious behaviours that are signs of the depression too. Oh et al (2008) stands up the disability to relate with equal group. The same way, they stress on the manner of bringing up and amygdala, cortex and hypothalamus, all the brain areas about fear. It prompts the sympathetic nervous system, increases heart rates and cortisol level and slumps the immunity system, involucrate in depression.

Educative traits, inside and outside school, are some very important conditioning facts. A model based on the drilling of rules as wearing a mask, controlling the distance and so because it is said that children can spread the virus or they cannot go out and neither play with other children, extend the problems to them, appart from adults.

So, any lockdown that has been ordered by authorities, limitation to go out or relate with someone, or keeping social distance are measures with the same goal by phisic or psychological ways, with serious emotional impact in both of cases.

When people are forced to accomplish some rules that prevent from communicating and introduce the terror to the other, we are getting isolated, which is against our social nature and does not help establish the psychological equilibrium inside the subject, referring to himself and the other.

The Pamamericana Wealth Organization (2020) (54), has reported about. Among the aftermaths by lockdown, social forced distance, masks and sudden lack of social contacts, they describe the following ones:

  1. Subject lose their ability to face stressing and chronical situations, as it is the context they focus on, with economic, social and personal traits. If these difficulties continue on, psychological problems are out of control, even in social terms. (p.5)
  2. Economic effects do not help at all because the more difficult is to solve this trouble, the more emotional disorder there will be. (p. 5)
  3. The main aftermaths could be depression, posttraumatic stress and psychological mourning. (p. 6)
  4. Mourning is to happen when there is a missing. Rage, sadness or fright feelings occur because the subject resists believing what happened and wish he could go back to old normality, when it is impossible. The symptoms are anxiety, depression, suicide ideas, isolation tendency and lack of concentration. (p. 6)
  5. Life style can even suddenly evaporates, so future expectancies drop off.
  6. Constant terrors.. (p.7)
  7. Fear of dying.
  8. Blame feelings.

To sum up, the disastrous results from the evil intention of new language duplicity are very clear, being physic, psychological or emotional. These ones are even more serious for the strength and long-term impact.


“asymptomatic equal to ill and viral agent.”

The subject gets separate from others because they are considered viral agents. This term of covidian new language is general and applied to everybody, being previous to the terrific fear that illness may affect anyone, even if there are no symptoms. The mere fact of belonging to society and the need not to live isolated includes him in the suspicious list This involved a generalized blame from the absurd idea that the only way to go back to the old normality is that everybody follow the laws, as when in old schools’ pupils did what was ordered.


Let us look up the meaning of contagion, according to Spanish Language Academy. It is defined by someone that has no symptoms or is at asymptomatic state of an illness. As the difficulty to know whether someone is this stage or not, an asymptomatic person is who is no ill, this is say, in good conditions, overall, when autopsies have been forbidden and covid virus has not proved to exist.


Given that  the only way to  see that someone is asymptomatic in the por scientific understanding of covidian is the PCR test, it is interesting to add some explaining traits to focus on its reliability.


Using this way is not accurate, according to medical documents, which does not make its application convenient in a global way to consider anyone as positive and to survey who was in contact with. The oficial figures, which spread media, are so dubious that  do not abide any analysis

The efficiency of PCR tests look ridiculous because:

  1. Zeichhardt et al (2020) indicate that error range is 1.4%, so in 100.000 cases, at least 1,400 are fake positive.
  2.,(56) with the Wealth Spanish Ministry says that there is not any correlation between positive cases and deaths.
  3. The virus has not been really looked into
  4. The amplification RNA cycles is another problem because between 40 and 45 the number of false positive is excessive.
  5. In, (57) Wealth World Organization report is concluded that there Sars-Covid 1 has not moved and its biological background is sarvecovirus, a sample of five kinds of coronavirus.
  6. The Spike protein that allows the virus to enter the human cell is the membrane AC2 protein, which gets activated by an inside virus, which is codified in the 7th chromosome
  7. PCR test is considered to contained synthetic RNA, this is to say, it does not come from ill people.

Moreover, in the report made by Zhuang, Shen, Zang  y Mi  (2020) (55), “when the rate of infections from who were close a covid patient were estimated, the figure of positive cases were only 19.67%, in contrast with the false positive that were 80.33%” it adds  that “the results of analysis with probabilistic sensitiveness back up figures that prove a 75% probability of fake positives with a range over 47%.” It concludes that “in close contacts with this sort of patients, almost the half or more of the asymptomatic are considered fake positives.”


It is obvious that, according to these facts, it is very difficult to define an asymptomatic as an illness, so this concept is subjective. It is not scientific or veriable.

  1. It is exclusión. It may be the excuse for a discrimination that violates the human rights when the wealthy protocol orders the positive subjects to be isolated, even under police pressure, being looked after as if they were criminals by the authority.
  2. And spread out, as the psychosocial panic is extended by media in a whimsical way, by giving not variable data and exaggerating the drama. All of this turn the asymptomatic into a danger subject and has to wear muzzle to protect others. As we can see all these terms of new language are connected, despite to be so different.


“I put my shoulder.”

. The vaccine is the way out from covid maze to freedom and to scape this new reality covidian do not like, but consider the only manner to succeed. Many people have wondered when an effective solution for the virus could be possible to turn back to a satisfactory coexistence model. Population has been convinced step by step by following the before mentioned technics as conditioning, obeyance-prize, disobeyance and punish.  The final goal of this plan is to vaccine everybody with no scientific arguments like at least we found the way out and solution, at least we Will have a wealthy population and the pandemc is son over. As it is the salvation, media do not disagree and the covidian citizen believes in vaccine as a faith belief. Its holly trait is the clue that when we are talking about covid 19 we do not refer to an illness but a weathy-mistic sect. At the same time the vaccine is in an ad  of a compromise in front of society because being shot is an action of respect and acceptance of the social moral, so I get vaccine  for the society not to continue with covid problem for my responsibility (it cannot be forgotten than asymptomatic is applied to anyone we do not know). Thus, the fact of getting it, involves:

  1. Falling down to sacrifice: There is an action that proves the devotion to any sect, its acceptance as the only truth and the final freedom, because devotes have already gone through all the steps and who did it is a member of covidian sect.
  2. Clasifying the population between wants to be vaccined and those one who criticize and say no. it is the definitely criteria to separate who is in the social order and those that reject it, one of their goals, in spite of the slowness these ideas are introduced on mind. Covidian ideology is not suddenly imposed because it is very aversive to human nature; this is why they are selecting people for one group or the other. So, the State and media congratulate who happily want to get this magical remedy because they show their Fidelity to the leader
  3. Identifying the vaccine as a way to make clear to the people what they must do to prove they are in the new order and who is not as the last likelihood if getting out of the game and being expelled can be prevented.

However, data are not so optimistic about thiis miracolous remedy. The  National Vaccine Information Center of EEUU (63) gives out terrifying figures  in its pages, wiith more than 5.000 people death only for Moderna and Pfizer. The study with its first hundred cases says that:

  1. 27% died the same day they were shot.
  2. 69% during the first week. 21% on the next day,  20% two days later, 8% on the third day,  8% on the fourth, 5% on the fitth, 4% on the sixth and 5% in a week,.
  3. 4% during the second week.
  4. 2% during the third
  5. 1% later.

These are the symptoms before  dying. :

  1. Heart aceleration.
  2. Lack of pulse.
  3. Respiratory tract congestion.
  4. Incoherence in speech.
  5. Back pain.
  6. Intensive pain
  7. Foam in moath..
  8. Fever
  9. Shaking chills
  10. Excess White blood cells.
  11. Hypotension
  12. Hypophagia
  13. Cardio respiratory infarction.
  14. Heart infarction.
  15. Lung infiltration
  16. Lethargy
  17. General discomfort
  18. Painfull spot on the skin
  19. dizziness
  20. brain death.
  21. Sudden death.
  22. pneumonia
  23. Pailor
  24. Slow breath.
  25. Spams
  26. Fluid retention in bronchi.
  27. drowsiness,
  28. Thrombi, etc…

In these hundred cases there were eleven positive and five negative PCR results. This means this test does not have any relation with who died for covid vacines. The figures are update up to 28nd may 2021. .these figures contrast with those of EMA (62) with 18 death in France and Germany, 16 in Italy, eleven in United Kingdom, six in Spain, etc…. These figures are official. Jansen vaccine gives out the coming up casalties, according EMA (64):568 casos no especificados.

  1. 3910 between 18 and 64 years old.
  2. 77 older than seventy

VAERS (Vaccine Advers Event Reporting System), (65) lists some many symptons that many of them can be looked up in Pfeizer and Moderna reference.

To sum up, the prooves make clear not only the risks but the scarce trust of these international organizations. If a science procedure were followed vaccines shoud be taken out from market

Each of these symptons are called strains and new virus.

This is the background of new language about anticovid magical remedy. Neither internet sources, at hand, hide the psychopatic and genocide intentions from media that adverise them, getting the number of causalties bigger and bigger

On other hand, it is a liar that can only exist by a brutal psychological and emotional manipulation. This violates the Nüremberg laws of 1947, which Will be explained pretty soon.



It is peremptory to know what are these agreements about:

  1. Informed consent. “the affected person must have the legal capacity to consent. They must be in such a situation that they can exercise full freedom of choice, without any impediment of force, fraud, deception, intimidation, promise or any other form of coercion or threat and he must have sufficient information and knowledge of the details of the experiment so that he can understand what he decides The legal capacity has never been eased so citizens are denied the possibility  of choosing according to their ideology, at the same as deception, force, intimidation are in a state of permanent conscious and unconscious coercion. This is to say we can see aggravated crime offenses as physic part is not only damage with vaccines and other dirty remedies against covid, but emotional and psychological, a kind one which is unvaluable.  Even worse if there has no access to this informed consent and many data, which could make think it is not a good idea to get vaccine, are hidden. This is the same as getting an experimental and dangerous vaccine.
  2. An experiment with good results for all the society. The action cannot be neither haphazard or unnecessary, it must have specific goals about common wealth. Wishing to find a way of global manipulation, even at risk of killing a part of population can be understood as good intentions, but some very dark and even satanic, knowingly the effect on the population that suffer from a psychiatric situation which is quite serious from a plan that is being carried out, knowingly they lie with too many evidences.
  3. The experiment must be made and designed in basis of previous animal tests and the knowledge of the natural story´s illness and others figures that could give results that justify  the experiment”.  This requirement is not taking place because pharma companies are cheating by taking profit from the extraordinary world alarm state from WWO on 11th march 2020 to perform this plan, investigate the vaccine effects in humans and see how many people they do out. This story seems to be on the mind of terror book writer, completely out of possibility two years ago.
  4. So, the caused damage is the lest necessary
  5. “No experiment can be done if there may be casualties or serious damages that could make people unable to live wealthy, except for creators of the experiment when they perform it by themselves ” . If so, governments, organisms and authorities that accomplish these rules, as professional colleges, has committed not only a torture but a homicide offense.
  6. The grade risk can never be superior to the humanitarian importance of the issue the experiment pretends to solve. “The risk is unvaluable, out of any measures and even unknown for what it is being executed in a clumsy way, apart from whimsical and childlike.
  7. Appropriated measures must be taken and subjects are to be protected and prevented from the most unlikely possibilities of injuries, inability or death. On the contrary, the citizen has no way to defend him from a wild dictator State for any risk. The State has law to clean their hands, by bordering satanic cynicism.
  8. The experiments should be done by qualified scientific persons. “On a opposite way, decisions are made by who not only are not qualified by profession, but lack of the most basic scientific knowledge when they order the population so submit to rules that are psychological tortures.
  9. With all this manipulation, being hidden the will from the subject, he is unable to stop the experiment in most of cases and shots with agreement. Any idea against letting be convinced authorities, evil mantras, are considered to be a folly




The relation between the sect and its member is of total meddling because the goal is to have the control of:

  1. Their thoughts: all of them must be in the official line, it is necessary to believe that the leader is completely right and any measure is in the sake of wellness and security.
  2. Their feelings. Through fear and blame, who are turned up and down by media, it is possible to catch anyone for keeping to believe with much faith, and  making these emotions be considered  as signs of the borderline, which separate who is a disdained dissident from who are good citizens as they obey.
  3. Their routines in private life: the subject unwinds by following rules in a strictly way. The subject is conscious that the sect controls him at any moment.

(71). The organic law 7/2021 is in charge of doing this survey (71). Under the reason that  “ the European Unity is a space where the protection guarantees and standard of physic persons rights are in the most advance positions of personal data protection, as a world reference, the fast technician development, especially in internet, including the growing globalization of European and worldwide economy, it is necessary to  reform  the law frame  of this issue to  consolidate and get this protection level better , by adapting  to a changing reality and at the same in a integral and save law resource. This is to say, a law environment for a global and digital world.” And it justifies  these orwelian dispositions as follows.  I: “.The regulatory framework includes: the 2016/679 regulation of European parliament and from the European Council on 27th April 2016, about physic  persons protection about the treatment of personal data and its free distribution, that derogates the 95/46 CE Directive (data protection general regulation), that is in for a rule which has been in force during 20 years, and the 2016/680 UE Directive from European parliament and Council on 27th abril 2016, on physic persons protection about the treatment of their data by the competent authorities in order to prevent, investigate, detect or prosecute penal offenses, as penal sanction executions, and the free sending of them, by derogating the 2008/977/JAI framework decision from the Council

Even though the 1st article says that this organic law is to establish the rules about phisic ´person protection on personal data by competent authorities in order to prevent, detect and prosecute penal offenses or penal sanction executions, including the protection and prevention from threats from the public security”, it defines the profile identification  in 5th article as “ any kind of automatic treatment of personal data that consists of using them to identify some personal traits as professional performance, economical situation, wealth, personal preferences, reliability, behaviour, ubication and movements of this person

7.1 article says “that “public administration, as any physic and legal person are to give judicial authorities, prosecutors or judicial police data, reports, backgrounds or supporting documents they could be asked and be necessary to investigate and prosecute penal infractions or to execute them” .15th article explains that “the register, reproduction and treatment fo personal data by security forces, according to this organic law, as well as preparatory activities, they are considered intromission on the honour right, private and familiar intimacy, self- image, as it is established in 2.2 article of 1/1982 Organic Law on 5th may, about honour right civil protection, private and familiar intimacy and self-image”. The key of this puzzle is on 7.2 article: “in the remaining cases public administrations as any physic or legal person have to give data, reports, backgrounds and justifying documents to competent authorities that ask for them, when being necessary for the implementation of their missions to the prevention, detection and investigation of penal offenses for prevention and protection from a real and serious danger for the public security

What is the 7th confusing article about?  Preventing a crime is such an ambiguous term that borders the rational suspect of a covid duty breach, so who endangers public wealth can be inspected and fined (the control is for any people behaviour). It is a master strategy in case of positive covid signs by subjective control by threat, even when going out without permission or watching someone who is suspicious of no complying with the mall rules, including opinions and other social traits.

The emotional result is fear, the uncertainty about how authority is going to react against the subject behaviour. People get superstitious, they check up their actions and are afraid to be punished by other subject or the State security forces who are supposed the public security, a concept as dictator as dubious.

So, the leader is an electronic device that may be in any place. Ills silent nature make the sect introduce not only in mind, believes and dirty emotional improvements triggered by irrationality, but outdoors or in neighbours. Its submitted subject is defined like that.  9.1 article; “suspicious people by well-founded reasons that they have committed a crime, they could do or collaborate in one of them” and “third parties in a crime as people that could be scheduled to testify in investigations about investigations on a criminal process, people that could give data about these infractions or be in contact with the criminal defendant

A good example of this impudence i son the 17th article, about the fixed devices. In the 4th and 5th paragraph it is said that “owners and holders of real rights of the affected assets by these devices or who have them by any title, must to ease and allow its installation and maintenance, including the indemnifications about, and that “the citizens must be clearly informed about the existence of these fixed video cameras, without giving data on their ubication, or the responsible authority who they could exercise a right to”. This is to say that the authorities can do whatever according to their need and people are completely helpless in a dictatorial disposition from the State, the main performer of covidian sect plan without considering how many rights are violated or if the private life of anyone has no value for the Security State forces that inquisitorially work

The measures, that can be included are all ones to be considered denial to covid vaccine or jeopardize its implementation, inducing reasonable doubts in many social layers.

All these rules are perfect ways to turn authority and administration rules into a perfect example of dictatorship.



Our objective, to defend human rights, is further than the apparent scientific paradigms in fashion and we must step after the appearance that, according to psychology, says that we live in a society so we have a correct perspective of reality, shared with the others human beings in the moment that coercive persuasion has been proved as clearly it has been done in this report-

We demand the accomplishments of all those rules about human being rights and we require forceful actions against who make fun of the holly principles of the humanity, against who commit crimes against humanity. It is our wish they were prosecuted and doomed by the competent juries.

Psychology was born to understand the human being better and to use this knowledge for he to be happy and to know the devices that allow to get so, with the help from psychologists. However, our science has become a war weapon as governments and media use so complex and psychopathic strategies that the study of mind is getting to discovering how to provoke the slowest emotional damage for who are architects of so evil plan

Imposition is not a way to have emotionally and psychologically healthy, but a manner to achieve submitted people to the power that are getting ill step by step up to exterminate his individuality and human quality. We totally reject all these strategies and we consider them as illegal because they do not respect the most obvious- international legislation, which is force in all the countries that show off to be democratic, as Spain, whose situation is described in this report. . Rechazamos por tanto estas estrategias y la consideramos ilegales al vulnerar la legislación internacional más básica, la cual está vigente en todos los países que alardean de ser llamados democráticos, como el caso de España que nos ocupa.

All this document has an objective: to prove with reliable sources how the social and individual tissue is being damaged by conscious intention, through ways that are evident. We have exposed our arguments to be validated and taken into account forward the protection of human rights, which psychologists for the truth defend at all costs.


We ask for this expert report to be considered.




Psicólogos por la verdad.

Psychologists for the truth.







Psychologist for the truth has no personal interest in this document.














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